Manicue & Pedicure MANICURE CLASSICAL MANICURE EXPRESS MANICURE SPA MANICURE MEN MANICURE SEMI-PERMANENT PEDICURE PEDICURE SPA PEDICURE EXPRES PEDICURE MEN PEDICURE SEMI-PERMANENT TREATMENT Brittle Nails TREATMENT Soft Nails TREATMENT Matte TRATATMENT Cream APPLYING Classical Nail Polish APPLYING Semi-permanent Nail Polish Hairdressing Short Haircuts Medium Haircuts Long Haircuts Fringe Trim Low Maintenance Hairsyle Ritual – Washing &Treatment Normal Washing Ritual – Extra After Coloring Hair Coloring As hair colouring is one of the most important side in expressing your personality, we offer you a various range of products for customized services whick make the most of your beauty.Classical permanent colour which includes ammonia. Revolutionary permanent colour, based on ODS technology (Oil Delivery System) Same tint colour, to make the most of your natural beauty. Root Coloration Tint Short Hair Tint Medium Hair Tint Long HAIR Tinting Balayage Ombre TREATMENT- short hair decapage TREATMENT- medium hair decapage TREATMENT- long hair decapage Styling&HairDressing short hair brush Styling&HairDressing medium hair brush Styling&HairDressing long hair brush Styling&HairDressing short plaque Styling&HairDressing medium plaque Styling&HairDressing long plaque Hairdressing for special events Styling&HairDressing (maintenance) extensions Styling&HairDressing weddings  – WEDDING HAIRSTYLE TREATMENT– TREATMENT SETS Profiber “PROFIBER” The PROFIBER revolutionary system represents the first treatment that includes long term hair repair properties, which can be reactivated endlessly. L’Oréal Professionnel experts established 3 levels of hair deterioration and created a special range for each level: Rectify – for slightly deteriorated hair. This range has a specific perfume with honey, exotic flowers and citrus notes, shrouded in a delicate mix of vanilla and coconut. Restore – for deteriorated hair. This range delivers creamy notes, slightly spicy with wood scents like cedar,sandalwood, cardamom and iris. Reconstruct – for extremely deteriorated hair. The fragrance range is slightly spicy, clouded in a powerful yet warm scent of vanilla. * Brand: L’Oréal Professionnel.
  • A study done on 333 women who tested Pro Fiber Rectify and Reconstruct range over a 15 days period.
** Treatment reactivation with Pro Fiber shampoon up to 4 washings + prolonging the hair treatment in Salon with Pro Fiber Re-charge APTYL 100 at each 4th washing.” TREATMENT Profiber in Sky Blue Beauty Salon TREATMENT Profiber in salon + Home Use Kit (Shampoon) TREATMENT Profiber in salon + Home Use Kit (Shampoon + Mask) TREATMENT Profiber Salon + Home Use Kit (Shampoon, mask, HAIR TREATMENT vials for reactivation) Programme Monday – Friday : 10:00 – 19:00 Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED
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