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This is where the rest of the world, its problems and worries disappear. Steamy saunas, a beautifully designed and faithfully detailed hamam, soothing Jacuzzis with intelligent ambient lighting and much more will spoil your senses and ease your mind into a rejuvenating state of complete relaxation.

As we are fully aware that beauty is also a deciding factor of a peaceful state of mind, we spared no expense in painstakingly crafting precious materials and design elements into the solid granite structure that houses this temple of the Id. We and our staff firmly believe that this is what you deserve.

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All day Spa access and Himalayan Salt Room access
Peeling with Turkish coffee – 20 minutes
Turkish Massage – 40 minutes
Fruit Platter / Turkish Tea


All day Spa access and Himalayan Salt Room access
Peeling with coconut – 20 minutes
Volcanic Rocks Massage – 75 minutes
Fresh mixt



All day Spa access and Himalayan Salt Room access
Peeling with sea salt – 20 minutes
Lava Shells Massage – 75 minutes
Exotic cocktail in a pineapple



All day Spa access and Himalayan Salt Room access
Mixt Massage – 70 minutes
Back Massage with orange honey – 20 minutes
Scalp and leggs massage – 25 minutes
Herbal tea




Sky Blue “Turkish massage”
Swedish relaxing massage
Mixt massage(turkish+relaxation)
Massage in the saline
Antistress massage
Kneipp ritual
Back massage
Face and scalp massage
Shoulders massage
*Spa & Total Wellness members offer

1 week
1 month
6 month
1 year

1 visit
10 visits

(in the saline)

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Spa Massage

Relaxing Massage in Himalayan Saline

An exclusive therapy combining the relaxing effect of a massage with the benefits of pure Himalayan salt. A special lighted fairy-tale atmosphere, surrounded by deep silence, creates a therapy massage in a saline generating a profound state of relaxation of both the body and mind.

Anti-Stress Massage

A delicate massage that targets the head, nape and shoulders, reducing tension and eliminating daily stress. Recommended to people who use to spend many hours in front of a computer, keeping a position which creates a cervical strain.

KNEIPP Body Massage

A ritual of profound relaxation for the locomotor system, involving a therapy of 15-20 minutes inside water pool with Kneipp hydro-massage jets, followed by a delicate massage of your legs and techniques reflexotherapy involving application of pressure to the soles of the feet. This type of therapy allows the pain inside the foot muscles to go away, helping those active persons who use to spend a lot of time on their feet. Nevertheless, it helps people with a bad peripheral circulation adjust their blood flow.

Relaxing Back Massage

A pleasant massage creating a general relaxation, removing muscle tension, improving circulation and mobility. During our massage, acupressure is applied on both parts of your spine and along the lumbar section, up to your shoulders and neck.

Face and Scalp Massage

Face and scalp massage stimulates the blood circulation around your scalp and stimulates hair growth and its revitalisation. It also prevents headache, creates a soothing effect, favouring a quality sleep. This form of massage stimulate the circulatory system, conveying a general state of wellness.

Shoulders Massage

This is a form of massage therapy which focuses around the neck muscles and shoulders. This therapy reduces tension from those body parts more prone to muscular problems. The massage helps diminishing the tension around the upper back and neck strain caused by a stressful life style or an excessive amount of time spent in front of a computer.

Turkish Massage

A luxury background hosts the Turkish massage at Sky Spa, in Prahova County, following an ancient ritual that starts in the Himalayan sauna, continues with an aromatic bath and ends in a hammam. Our natural ingredients and experienced therapists, along with a traditional hammam atmosphere all guarantee to accomplish your desired goal: indulgence and total relaxation of the body and mind.



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